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The first whole food powder for brain health.

Real Food. For Thought.

Food For Your Future

These feel-good foods are packed with the right nutrients to help maintain long-term brain activity and prevent cognitive decline.

Specifically, the high antioxidant levels help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain, which can be associated with cognitive decline.


Blueberry & Lemon

Fuel your brain and body with greens + protein + fiber all in one. This energizing flavor offers balanced, brain-healthy nutrition without the hassle and just the right amount of zest. Just add to 8oz of cold water, mix, and enjoy.

Blackberry & Ginger

Fuel your brain and body with greens + protein + fiber all in one. The perfect pick-me-up flavor for any time of day. Sweet + heat = a tastier way to fill critical gaps in your diet. Just mix with 8oz of cold water to enjoy!


Fuel your brain and body with greens + protein + fiber all in one. Our best selling flavor contains hints of vanilla, which goes well with absolutely everything. Add to water and enjoy on-the-go, blend into your go-to smoothie, or incorporate into a favorite recipe.


Memore is my go-to daily greens and plant-based protein blend. I know I’m getting anti-inflammatory, whole food ingredients without all the fillers for a healthy brain and body.

- Ale Zozos

I love that Memore is made from plant based ingredients rich in dietary fiber, omega 3s, protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals that focus on improving brain health, something that is extremely important to me as a mother, Registered Dietitian and someone with a family history of dementia.

- Brynn McDowell, RDN

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to get in all the nutrients I need to keep me running full speed ahead. Memore is the easiest and most delicious way for me to fill gaps in my daily nutrition and with whole food ingredients that my brain loves, and my body can actually absorb.

- Amber Shaw

Fills Gaps in Nutrition

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