11 Familiar Whole Foods

Memore is powered by 11 brain-boosting whole food ingredients, so you can get the best possible nutrient absorption and brain health benefits out of every single serving. 100% plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no added sugar or sweeteners.

Everyday Brain-Healthy Nutrients

A rich dose of antioxidants and Omega-3s to support healthy brain activity and everyday cognitive functions like memory, thinking, and learning. Heart-healthy nitrates, gut-healthy fiber, and other essential vitamins & minerals help fuel performance, energy and mood.

Food For Your Future

These feel-good foods are packed with the right nutrients to help maintain long-term brain activity and prevent cognitive decline. Specifically, the high antioxidant levels help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain, which can be associated with cognitive decline.

Effortless Daily Nutrition

Simply mix with water or add to your favorite smoothie for brain-healthy nutrients from familiar whole foods. Memore helps you quickly fill nutritional gaps, without the effort or mystery ingredients.

Mindful Daily Nutrition

Discover the full list of Memore’s real food ingredients and their benefits below.

Nourish the brain by nourishing the body.

5. Nutritionist Formulated, Vet Approved

Our team includes a panel of animal nutritionists, veterinarians, formulators and manufacturing experts with
more than 115+ years of combined experience in order to make the kibble your dog deserves.







6. Never Run Out Of Food

Jinx offers flexible, customizable subscriptions so you can set it and never have to worry about lugging home a heavy bag of dog food again. Easily change, pause or cancel your order at anytime.

7. Giving Back To Shelters

By choosing Jinx, you’re helping to feed homeless pups. Jinx donates 1% of all kibble sales to animal shelter partners. Be sure to select the rescue of your choice in your shopping cart.

See Why Customers Love Memore

Great product! It took me a minute to find the perfect water/powder ratio but once I did I have been super pleased. Its the only daily greens product ive seen that contains protein which is also a huge plus for me.

– Tyler C.

I’ve been on Memore for 3 months and tried all 3 flavors. I’ve mixed it in water, smoothies, milk and ice. My favorite is using the frother to blend it with water. It’s part of my daily routine.

– Mary B.

I now incorporate the MeMore smoothie mix into my daily morning smoothie and I feel so much better about my nutrition intake for the day. On days when I know I didn’t make the best food decisions, I feel less guilty knowing I consumed this smoothie.

– Ann S.