Blackberry & Ginger

30 Serving Pack

The perfect pick-me-up flavors for any time of day. Sweet + Heat = a tastier way to fill critical gaps in your diet.

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    • Plant-Based Plant-Based
    • Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
    • Antioxidants Antioxidants
    • Omega-3’s Omega-3’s

    Product Highlights

    • University Led Development
    • Full Serving of Leafy Greens
    • 11 Whole Food Ingredients
    • Blueberry 1st Ingredient
    • Zero Added Sugar + No sweeteners
    • 10G of Protein
    • 6G of Fiber
    • Practical Dieter Approved

    How to Enjoy Memore



    Simply add to water or favorite beverage and enjoy.



    Blend it with your favorite
    smoothie ingredients.



    Sprinkle on top of cereal, oats, and yogurt or bake with it.

    The Hero Ingredients

    Our products are loaded with whole food ingredients and feature these brain-power players.



    Healthy aging superfood loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants.



    Vitamin-rich leafy green delivers protein, fiber, and countless nutrients.

    Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato

    Staple of the Okinawa Blue Zone high in fiber and antioxidants.



    Performance-boosting veggie loaded with heart-healthy nitrates.

    Our Ingredients

    Our ingredients are timeless, never trendy. Because when you're backed by credible science, you never go out of style.


    Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and are critical for healthy aging. High in antioxidants, they are consistently touted for their cognitive and heart health benefits but have also been shown to reduce DNA damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation. 

    Sweet Potatoes

    Nutritious and delicious, Sweet Potatoes provide a wealth of health benefits including gut and cognitive health due to their high fiber and antioxidant content. They are also a great source of B vitamins.


    A heart health staple, beets contain high concentrations of nitrates shown to reduce blood pressure. They have also been linked to improved athletic performance and blood flow to the brain.

    Oat Bran

    This nutrient dense grain provides healthy amounts of soluble fiber, beta-glucan, which has been linked to better gut health and several heart health benefits including lowered cholesterol. It is also a great source of the inflammation fighting polyphenols.


    Almonds are a tremendous source of healthy fats, magnesium, Vitamin E, and a handful of other beneficial nutrients. Most commonly touted for their heart and cognitive health benefits, Almonds may also support better weight management by reducing hunger and even improving metabolism.


    Commonly associated with improved immunity due to high levels of Vitamin C, lemons are also a great source of soluble fiber and important plant compounds including hesperidin and diosmin which have been linked to improved heart function.


    Ginger owes much of its medicinal magic to its main bioactive compound, gingerol which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities linked to a variety of health benefits including stomach ailments, joint pain, and improved memory and reaction time.


    Turmeric contains curcumin which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may improve memory, brain function, and slow cognitive decline.


    Packed with insoluble fiber, antioxidants Vitamin A & C, Vitamin K, folic acid, iron, calcium, and important plant compounds like nitrates and lutein, Spinach has a wealth of purported health benefits including cognitive, joint, heart and disease prevention.


    Flax seeds are a tremendous source of protein and fiber but most importantly, omega-3 fatty acids- which have shown to be effective in reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke.

    Garbanzo Beans

    A great source of plant-based protein and fiber, this low calorie food has been linked to better weight management, improved digestion and may help lower cholesterol levels.

    Organic Agave Inulin

    Inulin is a prebiotic fiber which improves digestion by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut.

    Guar Gum

    Derived from guar beans, guar is high in soluble fiber and may also act as a prebiotic, which can improve digestion by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut.

    Plant-Based Protein

    Protein has a variety of benefits but our unique combination helps push the envelope. We include a unique blend of pea and rice proteins fermented with shiitake mycelium mushrooms for optimal flavor and absorption.

    Health Benefits

    We take a holistic approach to cognitive health - nourishing the whole to improve the parts. From antioxidants to omega-3s, our functional ingredients are linked to a host of health benefits.



    Improve cognitive function, slow cognitive degeneration, and reduce risks of Alzheimer’s dementia.



    Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.



    Boost immune system, aiding your bodys ability to fight disease and infection.



    Increase blood flow and energy, aid muscle growth, and improve recovery.

    Fill Nutritional Gaps

    For most people, eating three well-balanced meals a day just isn’t an option. Thankfully, we pack our beverages with the highest quality whole foods so you don’t miss out on those brain-boosting nutrients.

    Nutrition for Prevention

    Memore was created with the help of a leading state university to help prevent cognitive impairment. Our product leverages the science and research of the MIND Diet, shown to be effective in slowing cognitive decline and reducing Alzheinmer’s risk by as much as 54%.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Mary Beth
    Another winner

    I’ve been on Memore for 3 months and tried all 3 flavors. I’ve mixed it in water, smoothies, milk and ice. My favorite is using the frother to blend it with water. It’s part of my daily routine.

    Megan Broderick
    Love The Product As Much As The Mission

    Love the reasons why memore was created and certainly know that it helps be fill nutritional gaps in my diet. I ordered the base and it is a great addition to my morning smoothie or afternoon smoothie bowl. The flavor is awesome with just water, but I personally don't 100% love the texture (haven't found a greens powder texture I love, but this is right up there at the top of the list for texture) so I stick with adding it to my smoothie and for that, it gets 5 stars!! Thank you for creating a beautiful, delicious and nutritious product!

    Michele Miros
    Mixed with water only

    I drank it just with water and it was fine. I will try with something sweeter for more flavor. Too lazy to put in a smoothie but I am sure that would be amazing. I have had other powders which were not palatable!

    Emily Pentland
    I like this product!!

    I really do like this product, there are so many different things you can do with this product! My daughter struggles with eating in the morning, so now I just mIx this up and she drinks it! I mix it into a smoothie with some fruit and I absolutely love the water bottle that comes with it!! I work a busy job and when I sit down at my desk it’s still cold and yummy!! The best is, it’s helping my “fog” in the afternoon!! It’s a win win in my house!!!

    Traci Zavsza
    Blueberry &Lemon flavor

    I have tried Memore a few different ways and my favorite is adding it to my morning smoothie. It's only been about 1 week since I have been using it but I feel like I don't have that afternoon sleepy feeling while at work. So I will continue to use to see what other good things happen.